DEKRA testing facility, accredited according to standard ČSN EN ISO 17025:2005, is an authorised testing facility of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

Vehicle and accessory testing facility

We offer performance of the required tests and inspection of homologation documentation for type approval, to manufacturers of vehicles, work machinery, superstructures for utility vehicles and accessories.

The testing facility is approved according to Act No. 56/2001 SB. for testing road vehicles and their components. Technical reports serve as a basis for decisions by transportation authorities and the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

  • European approval of the type of vehicle or superstructure according to Directive 2007/46/EC
  • European approval of the type of vehicle according to Regulation (EU) No. 167/2013, 168/2013
  • national approval of the type of vehicle or superstructure in small series
  • partial homologation of vehicles and accessories according to ECE Regulations and EU Regulations or Directives
  • certificates of the rigidity of superstructures according to Standard EN 12642-XL
  • certificates of the rigidity of side curtains according to Standard EN 12641-2
  • inspection of ambulance vehicles according to Standard EN 1789
  • creation of materials for approval of accessories (ATEST 8SD)
  • creation of a basic technical description
  • collaboration and support throughout the process of approval of individual structures and conversions of vehicles
  • creation of a final report of inspection of individually manufactured or converted vehicles
  • tests according to the customer’s requirements, e.g.
    • inspection of installation of alternative wheel discs and tyres
    • inspection of the view from rear-view mirrors on individually imported vehicles with right-hand-side steering
    • assessment of the adjustment of lamps and corrector function
    • inspection of dimensions and weight
    • inspection of the speedometer and km counter
    • inspection of the function of vehicle brakes and coordination of trailer sets
    • measurement of exterior and interior noise
    • inspection of safety belts
    • measurement of acceleration, max. speed and run-out from high speed
    • measurement of fuel consumption
    • measurement of engine performance on cylinder performance testing equipment
    • assessment of the vehicle’s exterior lighting
    • verification of passage characteristics of vehicles
    • measurement of geometrical relations in the driver’s cabin, operating reach and view from the driver’s seat
    • maximum increase speed test for vehicles category O1, O2
    • test of vehicle steering

The tested vehicles are comprehensively insured to their full value at the testing facility’s expense throughout testing. Testing deadlines and prices are by agreement.

Passive safety testing facility

We assure the following tests:

  • vehicle safety belts according to ECE Regulation No. 16
  • sports car safety belts according to FIA 8853 and FIA 8854 Standards
  • sports car seats according to Standard FIA 8855
  • sports car nets according to Standard FIA 8863
  • child restraint systems according to ECE Regulations No. 44 and No. 129
  • tie systems (straps, hook, tensioner) according to Standard EN 12195
  • rubber fastening systems according to British Standard BS AU 258:1995
  • cables intended for towing vehicles, test methodology complies with German Standard DIN 76033
  • flammability of materials used in the vehicle’s interior according to Standard ČSN ISO 3795
  • towing systems according to ECE Regulation No. 55 and EU Directive No. 94/20
  • for the development, manufacture and sale of special measuring equipment and test dummies (manufactured according to regulation ECE No. 16)
  • impact resistance of exterior and interior accessories to the vehicle body (roof carriers, etc.) according to Ministry of Transport methodology and Standard ISO/PAS 11154
  • impact resistance of stretchers, chairs and equipment of the interior of ambulance vehicles according to Standard EN 1789
  • retaining systems for wheelchairs according to Standard ISO 10542-1


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